Yet another year with the Michelin Star

 In 2016, the Grand Hotel was again awarded in the Red Michelin Guide "Main Cities of Europe" with four buildings. It is not only the ranking of the best restaurants but also hotels. Our building was awarded for the first time in 2010, so another such award is all the more a sign of prestige to us.The most important award that a restaurant can receive in the Red Michelin Guide are stars. Hotels, however, receive pictograms of big buildings – the level of service is defined by the scale of one to five symbols. They indicate the highest level of service, nice staff, fantastic atmosphere as well as luxury and comfort. This is also a gesture of appreciating hard work of the whole Grand Hotel team, who was motivated to constantly improve the quality of their service. In this year’s guide, the hotel received four symbols of building.The guide "Main Cities of Europe 2016" describes 1562 hotels representing a variety of styles, scale and price range of their offers. This year’s edition takes into account 44 cities in 20 European countries: Austria (Vienna, Salzburg), Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp), the Czech Republic (Prague), Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Toulouse), Greece (Athens), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valence), the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague), Ireland (Dublin), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Germany (Berlin, Koln, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart), Norway (Oslo), Poland (Warsaw, Kraków), Portugal (Lisbon), Switzerland (Bern, Geneva, Zurich), Sweden (Stockholm, Goteborg), Hungary (Budapest), Great Britain (London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow), Italy (Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence).

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