The favorite place of Nobel Prize winners, artists and intellectuals in Krakow. In this cult café our outstanding Polish artists had coffee  every day: Jacek Malczewski, Leon Wyczolkowski, Teodor Axentowicz, Jan Stanisławski and Konstanty Laszczka. Kazimierz and Włodzimierz Tetmajerowie, Lucjan Rydel, Feliks Jasieński and temporarily staying in town : Stefan Żeromski and Władysław Reymont also visited the Grand Cafe.
Perhaps it was the taste and smell of café treats, the opportunity  of watching the life of Cracovians through wide windows overlooking the St.Tomasz Street  inspired artists to work on their outstanding works.
The Nobel Prize winner Henryk Sienkiewicz even mentioned the taste of exceptional coffee in the Grand Cafe, he always came here before noon  for - as he wrote - "a famous for its deliciousness coffee with cream". Perhaps right here in the Grand Hotel Sienkiewicz created his literary works, including "Quo vadis", for which he  was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1905?
We will never know, but the unique atmosphere of this place certainly worked on Polish artists like no other place on the map of Krakow, and this is still the case today.
Numerous photographs and souvenirs came from this period, the most valuable of them drawn by Jacek Malczewski with a pen  on cafe napkins - the caricatures of his friends ,in the frames  they decorate today's walls of the Grand Hotel cafe.
Only here, sipping  a "small black" coffee  you can simultaneously admire bronze bust of historical members carved by prof. Marian Konieczny,  gathering at the Grand Hotel  "Cinderella Club" with professors Krawczuk, Zieliński and Podraza.
Enthusiasts of Krakow, history and art can sit at the "professor's table" where Krakow professors gather before noon to discuss the rapidly changing world over an espresso and a cream cake ...
The Grand Hotel Cafe was opened on February 12, 1900 in the golden period in the history of Krakow cafes ,quickly became famous and the most fashionable meeting place for artists and professors of the Academy of Fine Arts, writers, poets and those who appreciated the sophisticated taste of specialties served in Grand Cafe and extremely inspiring atmosphere. Regarding the tradition of the Grand Hotel Café, you can order today - just over 100 years ago, the famous visitors of this place – Cracovian Kremówka with a nougat chip, traditional Cracovian sheep cheese cheescake, old Polish butter pudding with almond liqueur or famous rose ice cream à la Grand on a pistachio pastry. Everything is given in a new version and modernly composed by our Chef. Prepares them from scratch with natural ingredients, based on the original recipes inspired by the old menu card. For lovers of ice cream, we recommend homemade sorbets and the famous rose ice cream à la Grand served for many years.