Conrad Festival in the Grand Hotel

Already for the fifth time, the Grand Hotel became the metaphorical home of Joseph Conrad. In 1914, Conrad, together with his family, stayed at our hotel and recollected with emotion:
„…from the hotel gate, we went out to an empty street, very quiet and bright in the moonlight. …”

From the 20 – 26th of October, the Grand Hotel was where outstanding Polish and international writers stayed. As Robert Mrzygłód, the hotel director, emphasizes: „since the beginning of its existence, the Grand Hotel has been related to the artistic world so the title of the Partner of Conrad Festival is a continuation of our cultural traditions. It was here that the Hall of the Duchess Marcelina Czartoryska, who was an outstanding apprentice of Chopin, was situated. It was from the window of a Grand Hotel Suite that Jan Kiepura gave his special concert for a crowd of admirers gathered on Sławkowska Street. A regular guest of the hotel was Henryk Sienkiewicz, who came here to delight in his morning coffee with cream. It is a great joy to me that it is the Grand Hotel, which, as a partner of Conrad Festival, once again has its input in international literature”.