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***** Grand Hotel. Luxury and prestige in the very heart of Kraków. Since 1887 we have been caring about the comfort and satisfaction of our Guests.

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  • Michelin Guide Award
  • Prestige
    The first five-star hotel in Krakow, which has been hosting hosts the distinguished Guests since more than 130 years, guarding their privacy and tranquillity. This is a place of prestigious international conferences and meeting place for people from the world of politics, business, culture and science.
  • Elegance
    For more than a century, the Grand Hotel is famous for its elegant banquets and wedding receptions, organized with a style and taste. The unusual arrangement of one of the most beautiful ballrooms in Krakow and exquisite menu contribute to memorable events.
  • Classics
    The beauty of meticulously restored architectural details of the historic interiors of the former Palace of Princes Czartoryski fill with delight. Modernity and classical elegance constantly meet here with the legend and history.
  • Luxury
    Crystal mirrors, gilded panelling, antique overdoors, marbles from Chęciny adorning the walls of the most beautiful Palace apartments, are just some of the attributes of the luxurious interiors of the Grand Hotel.
  • Life at the Grand Hotel
    Grand Hotel exists in Polish cinematic and literary background since many years. It is described on the Worcell’s famous novel “Enchanted Post of Duty” and fits perfectly as an inspirational scenography for: movie crews („Vinci”, „Long weekend” movies), fashion shows, concerts and official ceremonies.
  • Yet another year with the Michelin Star
    The Grand Hotel was listed in the prestige Red Michelin Guide “Main Cities of Europe 2014”. We are proud to inform you about the four symbols that we received.
  • Conrad Festival in the Grand Hotel
    For the fifth time already, the Grand Hotel became the metaphorical house of Joseph Conrad. In 1914, together with his family, Conrad was our guest and was emotionally recollecting: “...from the hotel gate, we went out toan empty street, very quiet and bright in the moonlight.”
​Excellent location

Exclusive hotel in the very heart of Kraków 

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